FHJ 2009

12/20/2008, Mt. Ashland backside with Aaron Fran
12/30/2008, Mt. Ashland knoll with Lindsey
1/9/2009, Broken Top with Geoff Ben Eric Cedar
1/10/2009, Broken Top with Geoff Ben Eric Cedar
1/11/2009, Broken Top with Geoff Ben Eric Cedar
1/12/2009, Broken Top with Geoff Ben Eric Cedar
2/18/2009, Odell Lake Resort with Murray
2/19/2009, Willamette Pass with Murray
2/20/2009, Willamette Pass with Murray
2/27/2009, McDonald Peak with Allan
3/8/2009, Mt. Ashland backside with Emily Peter
4/4/2009, Mt. Ashland backside with Allan
4/11/2009, Mt. Ashland backside with Chris
4/16/2009, Mt. Ashland backside
4/19/2009, Mt. Ashland backside with Allan
4/24/2009, Mt. Ashland backside with Aaron
4/26/2009, Mt. Ashland backside
4/30/2009, Mt. Ashland backside
5/8/2009, Mt. Ashland downhill with Chris
5/10/2009, Mt. Ashland backside
5/17/2009, Mt. Hood, Bennett Pass with Murray