FHJ 2019

1/7/2019, Iron Mountain
1/24/2019, Tombstone Pass
2/6/2019, Iron Mountain
2/17/2019, Iron Mountain
2/21/2019, Iron Mountain
3/10/2019, Iron Mountain
3/16/2019, Iron Mountain
3/24/2019, Iron Mountain
3/30/2019, Iron Mountain
4/21/2019, Berley Lakes
4/28/2019, Craig Lake
5/2/2019, Berley Lakes
I managed to carve out a place to park off Highway 20
First trek of the season, light powder and snow in the trees.
First glimpse of an old friend.
Weather is improving as I make my way up the road.
A little opening in the trees.
Cone Peak.
Iron Mountain too.
After 90 minutes, I reach the spot.
The clouds cleared ...
... to reveal Mt. Jefferson.
Three Fingered Jack shows up.
Using the zoom, I get a good view of the lookout at the top of Iron Mountain.
Cone Peak comes into view.
This waterfall is roaring.
Far down the trail, distant peaks to the east.
Turpentine Peak.
Duffy Butte.
At the bottom of the road, coverage gets slim.
Do I cross this?
Yes, because I know the view of Echo peaks awaits.
South Peak zoom.
Echo Mountain.
Echo closeup.
Far up the pass to the west, Iron Mountain is visible.
A closeup shows the hikers lookout.
I am taking the quick tour to one of checklist view spots.
Looking back on a very cold afternoon.
No views to the south, but the east is prime.
Cone and Iron.
And Tombstone.
I will zoom in.
Fresh snow and cold temps, nothing will be melting soon.
The peak.
And the spire.
At the view spot, a peek at Jumpoff Joe.
This might be a different angle of Jumpoff Joe.
My silent forest.
No turns this time.
The best view of Iron Mountain today.
A distant view, time to zoom.
My tracks from Sunday are covered with over a foot of fresh snow.
I will be breaking trail in deep snow for an hour and forty minutes.
Getting closer to the view point, and I am pretty tired.
I love being out in this.
I got more clouds than I had hoped.
I spend my time gazing at snow covered mountains.
A clear view of Iron Mountain and Tombstone Peak.
Cone Peak and Iron Mountain.
Jumpoff Joe.
I would love to tour there some day.
The Sisters are in view today.
After treking to a new area below the viewpoint, I look back up.
Hmmm, I can see the tower.
I get a peak at Three Fingered Jack as I descend on the north slope.
After relentless climbing, I get a view of the cliffs.
At the ridge junction, I still have a lot of climbing to do.
But it is worth it, for the best view anywhere.
Mt. Hood.
Mt. Jefferson.
The view east.
Cone Peak.
Echo and South peaks.
The view to the southeast.
Tombstone Peak.
After lunch, I toured out to the tower.
Looking south.
Jumpoff Joe.
The best view of the sisters.
And a slightly different angle of Iron Mountain.
Looking southwest.
Twin Buttes, I think.
Looking back at the top.
There is still a trace of my previous tracks.
I reach the first view spot around 9 am.
There is still great coverage.
The west of Mt Jeff is still in shadows this early.
I heard coyote barking from that direction.
But did not see anything.
At the second view spot.
It was nice that the sky remained clear to the northeast.
A Cone detail.
And the spire at Iron.
There is a snotel over there somewhere.
Spring brings debris.
After two hours and ten minutes, I reach the spot.
With Mt. Hood in clear view.
And morning shadows on Mt. Jefferson.
Cone Peak and its siblings.
A close view of the cliffs at Tombstone.
Mostly clear to the southwest.
My second visit here in two weeks.
I checked out the tower again.
To get this view of Iron Mountain from a slightly different angle.
I am glad to see JumpOff Joe still has good snow coverage.
Twin Buttes.
I think this is Chimney Peak and Knob Rock in the distance.
The north cliffs.
A final peek at the home mountains.